Ubuntu - speciale
Thursday, 10 February 2011 20:35

Research project

Speciale af Christian B. N. Gade

In my PhD project, I investigate what ubuntu is, and what role ubuntu has been playing in South Africa’s truth and reconciliation process after apartheid. I show that ubuntu is a dynamic concept in the sense that new ideas about ubuntu continuously have emerged. Ubuntu has been part of an identity construction which has been used politically to justify different aspects of South Africa’s truth and reconciliation process. 

My research looks into issues such as reconciliation processes and identity construction, restorative justice and retributive justice, dehumanization and re-humanization, and also forgiveness and resentment. In the last part of the project, I put ubuntu’s role to conflict resolution in South Africa into perspective with the role of Mato Oput after the civil war in Uganda, and the role of Gacaca after the genocide in Rwanda.

August 2010



Christian B.N. Gade

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